Eat before Or After

  1. Eat before Or After

    One questions should i eat a lil something before i go out to do cardio, when i wake up in morning i get up and go to do a lil cardio but stomach is empty but would it be beneficial to do it on empty or consume a lil sumthing before and sumthing after i do the cardio?

  2. ****.. my fault yall.. im done, next time tell me to look down the damn page.. i see exactly were sumone took a poll.. i'll look before i speak..=P Sorrry!!!

  3. I get side cramps if i eat before i run

  4. hehe i appreciate it.. yea eating i dunno sumtimes it works other times just doesn't dpends on what it is

  5. sometimes i'll have some carbs to get some energy going. Always eat after my workouts, doesn't matter to me if its cardio or weights.
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  6. bcaa's before/during the cardio will help tremendously.
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