Need help losing body fat

  1. Need help losing body fat

    I am 16 and i weigh about 183 pounds. I don't know how much body fat i have but i do want to lose this fat. My goal is to get a six pack and a nicely toned chest but i don't have a gym membership or anything. i do 50 crunches, 50 leg raises, 25 V-crunches (i made up this name because i don't know what it's actually called) and 25 bicycles every night for abs. i also do 3 sets of 12 dips and 3 sets of 10 elevated pushups.

    I am also a volleyball player so my goal isn't to get ripped and big but more cut and toned. i want to have as much strength and explosive power as i can but not get so big that i'll start to slow down in game time. So overall my goal is to obtain as much explosive strength and power but not get so big that i will get slower.

    can someone give me some tips or anything to help me out? thanks its appreciated.

  2. Sprints and plyometrics would probably be good for volleyball.

    What position are you? I was a middle hitter. Do you play indoor and beach?

  3. I'm an outside hitter and yea i play both beach and indoor.

  4. Hill Sprints, and a fantastic diet. I can post up a fat-loss diet guideline if you'd like. It's the same basic plan I've been following with very notable success.

  5. can you post that diet? im interested... im doing the keto diet right now looking to mix it up

  6. Volley ball KICKS ASS!

    The Master Thread: Cutting

  7. I just have to admit that I'm a closet volleyball player I've met some hottttt chicks in recreational volleyball leagues !

  8. Sure.. Here it is, in a Word file.
    Attachment 22477

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkaBRAND View Post
    Sure.. Here it is, in a Word file.
    Attachment 22477
    nice work on the guidelines.

  10. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to ozarkaBRAND again.

  11. Wow....had no idea there were this many volleyball players at AM!

    Jonah, do you play JOs? If so, on which team?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by rolandajoint View Post
    nice work on the guidelines.
    thanks man

  13. nah i dont play on jo but i play for a few club teams. you play for jo?

  14. I did like 12 years ago. It was a blast doing regionals and nationals every year. We couldn't really hang with alot of the Hawaii and Cali teams, but we usually finished in the top 3rd.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkaBRAND View Post
    Sure.. Here it is, in a Word file.
    Attachment 22477
    that diet doesnt really take into account when you work out post gym for me is around 8:30-9:00 so to have a shake and then eat a full meal at 11:00 would be kinda hard to do other then that it seems pretty good

    if your like me and you work out at night due to work try getting the bulk of your crabs in the morning/early afternoon its worked out pretty good for me


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