best supps for female weight/fat loss

  1. best supps for female weight/fat loss

    supps that would work great for women.please list what dosage and possible side effects.thanks

  2. Most supplements used for men, can be used for women, while adjusting dosage accordingly, except for some drugs.

    Supplement wise, the thing that really helped me to cut bf, was/is good tasting whey isolate, other than that, no other supplement has helped.

    Edit: When I explained to my nutrition ignorant sister that went on starvation diets to look skinnier than she is, that protein powder does not have steroids, won't make her look like pro bodybuilders, isn't harmful on the kidneys and great tasting isolate can be used to cure sugar cravings, she decided to give it a shot.

    She lost those "last few pounds" and has more energy all over, don't over look that, because most women in bodybuilding I know take in less protein than they really need.

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