suggestions of supps

  1. suggestions of supps

    :bruce3:right now i am taking yohimbine, cissus, beat alanine, multivitamin and fish oil, and msm. could someone help me figure out a good regimen for taking these things

  2. First, what are your goals?

  3. well my goals are to get leaner and maintain some strength cuz right now i am playing baseball. i really want to get down in weight to about 215 i am 230 right now. my ultimate goal though is to get in in lean condition. i am 6'5 230lbs,

  4. That all depends on your diet and HIIT. Don't worry about supplements so much.
  5. yo

    well i have them now so i am gonna take them can ju give me a regiment of taking them

  6. you're 6' 5" 230 tryin to lean out? whats your bf percentage? i'm not very experienced with some of these tho so i'll let the guys who are a lil more knowledgable help you out. good luck tho and what pos do you play? pitch?

  7. Follow the directions on the bottle.
  8. bf %

    I am about 15 or 16 percent and yes I am a pitcher. The supps are al from nutra planwet it does not say when to take it

  9. Cissus is an empty stomach supp. You'll want to consume that 2 to 3 times a day.

    Fish oil can be taken empty or with meals. Between 3 and 10 caps per day. Best to split them into a few doses.

    BA is a preworkout supp, you'll want between 2 and 6 grams a day... I'd go the higher route since you're a pretty big dude.

    Yohimbine is more for PCT - its a sexual stimulant... Viagra(ish)... I don't take it, but I guess it would be an hour or two before you're about to pound through a chick.

    Multi should be split dosed. Most need to be taken with food as many of the ingredients are fat soluble - also should be chased with a lot of water.

    What the f is msm?

  10. yohimbine really only works on a low carb diet which will be a very poor choice for you being as how you'll need those carbs for your baseball.

    When you aren't practicing or lifting, use a low intensity cardio program to burn fat instead of carbs. You'll use your carbs on the field.
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  11. cool

    Msm is kinda like an anti inflammatory. What would u reccommend for a cardio training to help cut the weight

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Bigguy851 View Post
    Msm is kinda like an anti inflammatory. What would u reccommend for a cardio training to help cut the weight
    I really like Recreate.... very mild - no cracked out stim.

    Many on the board swear by Leviathan / DCP.

  13. hardcore shred xs/dcp was amazing to me.

    As far as cardio things like med ball tosses with a friend or at a solid wall. jump rope for endurance...not how many reps you can do in a minute. if you're going "running"..jog instead. etc.
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  14. timberlakers is always right with the levi/dcp stack.. search the threads to see what others think about it
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  15. LR/DCP rules. i could also recommend designer supplements adrenalean. working some magic for me currently. my log is under the review forum. search the review forum too, as you might see the ingredients youre inquiring about, and find out others that interest you. recreate is also good.


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