USPowders Product Write-Up: Bulk 1-carboxy-2-amino-3-pyrobenzol(3,4 diol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshi5674 View Post

    All of my powders turn into concrete, so I store them in the freezer. Also, freezing them makes them easy to break up and turn back into usable powder once they have solidified. Hope this helps!
    Thanks, I will try that if this happens again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuffguy80 View Post
    I've been taking this with Prolactrone by black lion research. Is that ok? I'm taking 3 caps of Prolactrone and 1-2 servings of 1-carboxy a day. 2 on workout days and just 1 dose before bed on non-workout days.
    That is an unsafe amount of l-dopa to consume on more than acute occasions.
    The above is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of PES


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