4 caps of Powerfull at once

  1. 4 caps of Powerfull at once

    Help me fall asleep better than 2?
    2 seems to have lost its sleep-inducing effect.
    I took a week off, 2 still "useless".

  2. try 3 first before jumping to 4. Or try taking a little longer off. how long have you been using it?

  3. Used it for a month with good success.

    Only reason Im worried about taking more is I thought I read somewhere that more may have the opposite effect: making you "alert".

    Sure dont need that

  4. I never noticed that with the bulk powerfull, or IGF-2 or other similar ones. If something contains melatonin, then yeah, it does have that effect on me if I dose too high. But the Puredopa shouldn't.

    Its a little odd that it lost effectiveness that quickly. Were you dosing daytimes too? you could try the newer dosing protocols, mullet put up a thread about it

  5. Gonna have to find it and read it. Thanks

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    Gonna have to find it and read it. Thanks
    I have been using 2 caps pre-bed for nearly 3 month and i am still sleeping really well. But as stated either take a little longer break from it or try 3 before doubling the dose.
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  7. HELP

    Like a dumba**, I screwed myself as I have been on for ~2 years straight now (no breaks). 2 caps at night.

    I got great sleep for months, then it leveled off. I continued taking for its GH-releasing properties anyway (figured even though I wasnt getting improved sleep anymore, I'd still be getting enhanced GH output).

    What are your suggestions at this time? Quit cold turkey? I want to use this stuff as a staple but need to go about it more intelligently - especially for sleep help!


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