My New Years resolution started last year. tell me yours

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    My New Years resolution started last year. tell me yours

    I'm always on a mission to improve with the ultimate goal of morality with success.

    tell me yours and get entered into the Pslin lottery.

  2. My goals for this year are:

    -to get back on track with my walk with God.
    -stop drinking alcohol all together, I just don't see a need for it in my life.
    -finish up my bachelors.
    -get my business going.
    Armed to the teeth.

  3. 1. Finish BS in Exercise and Sports Science
    2. Become a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    3. Begin to save for grad school
    4. Expand and enhance my MMA skills
    5. Read more literature
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. 1) Enter my first bodybuilding show
    2) Winning my First bodybuilding show
    3) Continue to improve my body

  5. Incorporating more cardio in my week.

  6. 1. Cut down my alcohol consumption to once or twice a month.
    2. Purchase my first investment property.
    3. Cut properly and get in shape rather then constantly trying to bulk up.
    4. Get all my travelling out of the system so i can be home for good by Xmas 2008.
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    1. get my life back on track and hopefully finalize divorce
    2. fight in my first MMA bout
    3. be the heaviest, and leanest I've ever been
    4. and this is a reoccurring one, but be the best father to my son that I can be.

  8. Work hard to have a successful business and marriage.
    Help my kids be their best
    Spend time with my dad before he dies this year.

  9. start grad school
    spend alot more time with my girlfriend and family
    limit drinking to very occasional instead of a few times a month

  10. Gain 10 lbs or more of muscle.
    Find a(hot) girl friend.

  11. As a 65 year-old athlete, elegible for Medicare, to continue to prove that age is a statistic not a burden as I train to enter my 27th contest and third bodybuilding pro show in June.

    I want to:
    and push those baby boomers who are just now discovering they can't jump as high, climb as fast, swing as hard and recover as quickly as they could a few years ago, to assert themselves to get into and maintain the best shape of their lives through exercise and diet.

    and grit, they, like me, can Get It Done!

  12. Didn't really make a resolution, but this year i'll finally meet the bodybuilding goals I started on the path to last year

  13. Build Self Confidence
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  14. Put 100% into my career everyday in order to be more successful and provide for my family.

  15. -Keep intouch with my friends more
    -deadlift 525lbsx5 again....but naturally
    -finish off my diet and get down to 7% or so
    -get more certifications (issa, ace etc)
    -push myself more on my DC stretches no matter how painful they are, lol (eg, more weight on when stretching back etc)

  16. -Learn to budget my money better
    -Be successful at my new job
    -Gain 5-10lbs of lean mass this year
    -Learn to speak spanish

  17. -Party/Drink a little bit less
    -Do good in school
    -Get certified to train
    -Diet to the point of seeing my abs
    -Deadlift 600 lbs
    -Use those 150lbs dumbells my gym has (should definately happen soon with one arm rows, ive pressed up to 125 before but would really like to nails those 150s)
    -20 bw pullups
    -Develop more complete biceps (dominant Brachialis, need to focus more on exercises like incline dumbell curls, etc)
    -Develop more complete quads... teardrop


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