Bulk P-slin!

  1. Bulk P-slin!

    Let me just say if you guys ever make bulk P-Slin, I would buy sooooooooo FKIN much, and I know so many other people would as well. That is one of the products you definately need to get over at nutra in bulk powder. Christmas gift?

  2. Really......I never really heard much about it!!
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  3. It is a possibility, however, not entirely likely in the recent future. For now you'll have to do with bulk Yellow Gold

  4. Is bulk Yellow Gold even comparible to bulk P-Slin, or is there a dramatic difference?

    There must be bulk P-Slin somewhere online.

  5. I think you would have to take a laaarge amount of YG to get the same effect, I think PSlin is much more potent and quick acting.

    I'm waiting for bulk PSlin too, but right now YG is what I'm using. I think it's helping me on my clean bulk, I've bumped by cals quite high with a few large carb meals and I haven't been putting on much fat at all!



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