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    Thanks for the dosage info. Here's another question for ya. Is it ok to mix with my pre-workout drink and a protein shake? The taste/aftertaste is gawd awful. Don't really want to go through the trouble of capping it if i can mix it.

    Thanks again.
    Sure, you can mix it with your pre-workout and protein shake.
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  2. I used to have extremely bad tenosynovitis in my left wrist caused by lots of lengthy practicing on guitar 8-12/15 hours some days, the problem sometimes flares up in Colder weather and is hard to get rid of but due to working as a musician this is obviously a pain in the ass, would this product work to heal this type of injury? I have found that getting myself fit over the last 2 years and weight trainng has made a massive positive difference already but I guess I'm just being prepared for future problems



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