gonna get extreme in AK

  1. Talking gonna get extreme in AK

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  5. P slin got here yesterday, first dose today before a big bowl of oatmeal, (steel cut oats, better than regular oats I am told) I am off to install a bunch of aluminum plating for mounting lights on a landing craft that I am re-wiring, should be a full day off overhead drilling and fastening, i think it will be a good shoulder workout, leaving tonight for the first salmon opening, will give Jacob an update by sat phone after we pull our first set.

  6. So as I anticipated got a huge pump after working all day it didn't really manifest itself until 3 or 4 hrs later. Went gillnetting on thursday, had a huge day about 10,000 lbs of sockeye salmon it was a long 48 hr grind due to a long run from Homer to where we fish than 18 hrs of fishing and than a blown reduction gear (transmission) just as we entered the mouth of the Kenai river which is where we unload etc. I finally got a 2 hr nap at 3:00 am friday morning but we had to haul the boat cut out a bulkhead pull the reduction gear, today we are sticking a new one in and will hopefully be back in fishing by tomorrow. I have taken p-slin for 3 days now and each time the pump shows up 2-3 hrs later. hopefully the endurance effect will produce. Steel Edge Intraxcell cissus and p-slin great stuff for the long grind. Got my friend who's boat I am on to take everything along with me and he is happy with the results. I always like it when someone who has no clue about supps uses them and wonders how he ever got along without them. Here's a pic of salmon and what hapens when you get your foot caught between a crab pot and the deck. OUCH come on cissus.
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  7. salmon pic didn't make it but I gotta go so I'll try next time.


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