cissus and arthritis?

  1. cissus and arthritis?

    wanted to ask a quick q about cissus and if its beneficial for arthritis or if thats a totally different animal from what it treats with the joints/tendons/ligaments/muscles?would it be beneficial to any/all forms of arthritis?

  2. I'm bumping this because I too would like to know. I have arthritis in the knees and have started taking Cissus. So far, I can't say it has helped.

  3. Actually most of the research on Cissus Q. is centered around its reparative capabilities on osteoblasts, though mainly in fracture healing as opposed to degenerative osteoarthritis. Just give it some time though, these conditions don't arise over night, so it may take awhile longer to heal than some small inflammation. Expect some mild analgesic effects at first and healing as the product is given time.

    Most vendors are more than likely out of our standard Cissus RX as we are gearing up to launch our new Cissus which is standardized to 10% ketosterones as opposed to 5%. Should be out in a week.
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