Got my Yellow Gold...Questions!

  1. Got my Yellow Gold...Questions!

    Okay guys - Got my yellow gold from nutra. I capped some of it so that I can take it 15 mintues before my post-workout shake, and I will be using mullets dosing method at other times.

    My question is: What is in the nutraplanet yellow gold? I read somewhere that testers were sent one of two mixtures. Which one is this?

    I also heard that it smelled terribly. Mine doesn't smell bad at all.

    Whats up?

  2. There is only one ingredient in AP, it is Phellodendron.

  3. I never heard that it smelled bad. The batch I had for testing smells the same as the batch I got from Nutraplanet.

  4. Sounds good. Maybe I am imagining it. Doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would. Did stain my table while I was capping it though!

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