Cissus for fat loss?! (article)

  1. Cissus for fat loss?! (article)


  2. Nice find, very Interesting, but unfortunately it doesnt mean much to most of us. testing a substance on obese people has very little correlation to trained individuals.

  3. check out this. hopefully its cool that im posting this... theres also a link to some of the extracts in cissus off that thread.

  4. Cissus is in that new weight loss supplement they're advertising on TV. I keep thinking cialis, but that's the boner pill. Something like cialis in name.

  5. I love how many times something that I've known about for (in some cases years) suddenly becomes the best new thing on the market and it's all over the tv and news. Then on the other hand I get sad when I think that's where most people get all their information from



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