Powerfull - What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Powerfull - What am I doing wrong?

    I read through a lot of the logs and almost everyone says the same things in reference to Powerfull:
    Libido through the roof
    Sleep like the dead

    I have been using it now for about three weeks. My diet is really clean (60/20/20). I work five days a week (vary my days off) drink a ton of water. (I don't do any cardio cause I have a broken ankle). I am currently taking the 2/2/2 dose of powerfull and I am also using DHEA at 50 mg a day, Liver support at 300mg a dose (thistle).

    While it seems I am getting better sleep (fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer), zero increase in libido (almost seems like a decrease). I have been feeling like a slug during the day & especially at the gym, what gives. Am I just forgetting something or am I getting a partial reverse effect from mixing the powerfull and the above other supps. I'm stumped. Thanks for any advice - cause I need it.

  2. Well one thing, doubt it is your reason, but something I find out. Your diet is 60/20/20? Meaning 20% protien and fats? If so you should up the protein. I would say 40/40/20 is a much better balance than 60/20/20. This may also be the reason you are not gaining. As far as libido, well it didn't make mine go sky high, but I did recieve the pumps and the increase weight gain when I tried it. I dose 2morning 4preworkout 2bed.

  3. My bad...I meant 60% protein

  4. Went through 2 bottles of Powerfull consecutively and didnt notice much. Just didnt work for me

  5. Quote Originally Posted by halljo
    My bad...I meant 60% protein
    Well what I said still stands, I think 40/40/20 is much better. To only get 20% of carbs during a bulk I think is definatly going to effect you.

  6. I agree carbs are just as important as protien and the right fat when it comes to gaining weight and strength for that matter

  7. well a few things:

    1. you're eating too much protein. you're not eating enough carbs. what are your total cals and stats?

    2. you need to take powerfull on an empty stomach. if taken with food it won't work.

    just wondering, why are you taking milk thistle? powerfull isn't a steroid. or do you take MT year round?

  8. Bump to what Cable said. I believe the digestive enzymes in your stomach reak havok on the PFULL, take it on an empty. Also bump to the 20% carbs on your diet, that would make anybody feel lethargic. It sounds like you are carb cutting, not bulking.

  9. I would say your carbs are too low and possibly fat may be too low for your bodytype? which is? - your lethargy could be coming from too low carbs, possibly too low fat as well or more so the wrong fats ( are you taking your flax??)

    I know your carbs are not keto level low but you could be near the border line if this diet is constant ratios all the time.

    powerfull releases FREE test - lets you utulize it, if your test is already low due to low carbs and/or wrong fats - you wont' have much free - hard to tell without blood work.

    post your diet - many people will chime in with suggestions - you may not be a responder as well but IMO - it's people's diet that is wrong and the supps wont' work if the body is not at optimal natural hormonal levels anyways, which is achieved from your diet.

  10. Take on an empty stomach ALWAYS!

  11. I have been taking powerfull on an empty stomach. I'm a knuckle head...It must of been the little carbs that made go to a 60% protein 20/20 plan. Thanks to everyone for their input...and sorry for the dumb post (but at least I now realize one major thing I have been doing wrong...Thanks)

    cable626 - I was still taking Milk Thistle (Liver Support) got off a Superdrol cycle about 8 weeks ago. I was still a little nervous about possible liver issues...so I figured why not take it for another week or so. (I had a overkill PCT - feel better to overkill then under)

    snakebyte05 - I'll try the 4 before workout.

    Pfunk47 - I'm an Ectomorph (trying to be the Incredible Hulk one day and one lift at a time)

    Thanks again for everyone's input. Man, I feel like a retard posting this...Thanks for the slap back to reality.

  12. Mullet,
    I don't get the enzyme statement. (I faithfully take P'full on an empty stomach though.)

    I mean - aren't these enzymes ALWAYS there?!?!?!?

  13. I didn't respond very much to it either but I bought more anyway. Why would I do that? The sleep effect is the most incredible thing I've ever experienced, thats why! I take 3 caps and I am OUT like a light... and when I wake up to use the bathroom I am still incredibly sleepy and BAM right out again when I lay down.

    If I have had too much caffeine or I am having trouble sleeping for any other reason I'll stack it with REM and Valerian. Killer combination I did so last night and felt very rejuvinated.

    I also agree on the ratios... you need more carbs. I would be laying dead in the streets with your ratios I think!

  14. I'd even go as high as 50/30/20 or 50/35/15 as
    %carbs/%protein/%fat is concerned.

    You people and your damn Atkins dilemma. Carbs are so underrated nowadays.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner
    I'd even go as high as 50/30/20 or 50/35/15 as
    %carbs/%protein/%fat is concerned.

    You people and your damn Atkins dilemma. Carbs are so underrated nowadays.
    I agree too many people are worried about carbs these days and well if they actually did some research on it they would know thats its all about the right carbs!

  16. all supps dont work for everyone. i bought amp because of the hype, it didnt do anything for me. you may just be one who powerfull doesnt work for. personally i love it.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  17. To be honest I'm not surprised you're not noticing much while only taking 6 caps per day, up that to at least 10 a day and you might see a difference. Taking creatine and cissus will add to it's effects.
    My experience of it didn't include libido going through the roof but I did sleep deep.

  18. Are you taking it 30 minutes prior to meals?

  19. Yeah some digestive enzynes are always there, but Im guessing more are there with the presence of food in the stomach. I have no real clue though.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by CNorris
    Yeah some digestive enzynes are always there, but Im guessing more are there with the presence of food in the stomach. I have no real clue though.
    The write-up and the label suggest taking it at least 30 minutes prior to food consumption.

  21. This "everything under the sun" PCT is really starting to kick in! I can feel the Powerfull esp.

    I'ma have to update y'all in my TST/TRN thread tomorrow night.

  22. How about taking the supp 30 minutes after a meal? Still cool or not?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by 3v1l
    How about taking the supp 30 minutes after a meal? Still cool or not?
    I wouldn't think so. Your stomach would still be relatively full. The instructions say to take it 20 to 30 minutes PRIOR to a meal. I assume that there is a reason for this.

    I'm moving this thread to the synergy muscle forum so hopefully the company reps will see it and chime in.

  24. I'd say take powerfull and then 15-30 minutes later eat, that way the sup gets priority in absorbsion.


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