What is Symmetry? Thadigaddalu? What is it?

  1. What is Symmetry? Thadigaddalu? What is it?

    What is in Symmetry and what is it supposed to do? I can't find a write-up about it anywhere.

  2. Originally Posted by USPlabs
    What is Symmetry?

    The first ingredient is Hydroxl4. Hydroxyl4 is a specialized extract of Cissus Quadrangularis. With extensive real world, university (India) research, and lots of research money, we extracted then concentrated 4 highly active Hrdroxyl keto sterones from cissus Quadrangularis for its pure anabolic nature.

    Thadigaddalu is the second ingredient. The beauty our research team in India that can research with the locals on old tribal remedies. Thadigaddalu is a root used by a village in India for over 100 years to treat hormone imbalances like infertility and lack of sex drive. Thadigaddalu is said to balance and prime all hormones in the body to work much more efficiently especially during times of stress. Thadigaddalu is an adaptagen that works through hormone signaling! Basically it will supercharge your hormone system Naturally!

    Does symmetry cause inhibition?


    IS symmetry Herbal?


  3. heres a link to the log I did on Symmetry



  4. Quote Originally Posted by sublimejeh
    heres a link to the log I did on Symmetry

    I missed that log. Thanks for the link.

  5. will this have the speed healing effects of regular cissus still or no?

  6. If you check my thread in this forum you will see I posted about this. A few weeks after I started stacking Symmetry and Cissus my shoulders made an incredible step in recovery. I had been using Cissus for nearly two years but adding Symmetry was like hitting gold for healing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] LABS
    yes- it does have some of the same healing effects as regular cissus- we have found anecdotally that the special extraction used to produce the cissus in Symmetry does NOT diminish the tendon and joint-healing properties of the product
    I tend to disagree slightly. In extaction to concentrate key components you lose other components of the herb.

    My theory is that the 4 hydroxl ketones are working in synergy with CIssus RX providing the extra anabolic boost to propel recovery.

    Basically, Cissus is better than symmetry for tendon and joint strength and symmetry just provides the anabolic edge.

    Symmetry loses the potential as an anti-inflammatory, cortisol inhibition, analgesic, mineral content, and the host of other ketones.

  8. thanks for clarifying that im using cissus now working up to 12 caps a day to keep strong and injury free while on now.in another month ill be off and i believe ill try symetry for its anabolic properties to get me by till on again. gotta love the cissus,its great stuff!


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