RXT, Powerfull, Cissus stack question

  1. RXT, Powerfull, Cissus stack question

    I think i have 2 bottles of cissus coming in the mail from you guys and i have a question about dosing for my stack... I planned on dosing powerFULL first 7 caps a day for 10 days and then 9 for the rest of the 2 bottles. I Plan on adding Cissus in as soon as i get it and i was thinking 9 caps a day as well, but should i slowly introduce cissus to my stack with a lower doseage and them ramp it up over time or should i just go full throttle when i get them?


  2. Full throttle.
    Never seen a need to ramp up.

  3. Another Question... I planned on changing my routine from what i have right now...

    Monday - Back.

    Thursday - Delts, Triceps.

    To maybe a simple intermediate 5x5 program... But i also wanted to get the most out of the stack, and it seems 5x5 starts out slow and light. I've been doing my current posted routine for like 5-6 weeks now, lifts are up but sometimes i feel as if i might be overtraining.. any suggestions?

  4. For those of us on short time, I like your program.
    5x5, as far as I understand, takes your 5 rep max and you do that 5x5 so not sure how you would start slow with that. If you already know your numbers, just get your warmups in order and you should be able to go at it with pretty good weight.
    Of course, I have only read about 5x5 and could be wrong in my interpretation.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] LABS
    thanks shawn! couldn't have answered it better myself!!
    If you misspell my name again....

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sean taylor
    Full throttle.
    Never seen a need to ramp up.
    I like your train of thought.


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