Cissus RX log

  1. Cissus RX log

    My order came in yesterday, took 3 caps yesterday, and 3 today (forgot to when i woke up)

    Will be taking 6 per day, and seeing what happens.. Was suffering from severe tendonitis in my shoulder and arm (left)
    Excrutiating pain from wrestling and kickboxing, i took a few days off and have stopped lifting because of it, i hope to start lifting again next week, and have wrestling class tommorow.

    Thus it begins..

    (ps ceosm did you get my email?)

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    No sir did not.

  3. K i will resend.

    Day 3, just finished submission wrestling class, shoulder very sore after class.. Iced it down and it is feeling better already.. a marked improvement from it being sore halfway through class and staying sore for hours.
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    Good luck with your testing of what seems like a great product...I will have to pick some up for my parents....always complaining about plants!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MaNiaK1027
    always complaining about plants!
    uhhh... huh?

  6. Ok so i have been on this for about 4 days now,

    - Have observed creatine like pumps 24/7 .. i like!
    - noticable painkilling effect.. i like!
    - decreased recovery time.. i like!

    Today will be the real test, i woke up early and did about 45 minutes of intense cardio training with joe, just waiting to start sub wrestling class in about 15 minutes

    I will be rolling hard and trying to use as much power as possible, i want to see if the shoulder will give out on me again.

    Took my first dose at around 945, and my second dose at 1130 (30 mins before training)

  7. No shoulder pain after class, my elbows were a little bit sore afterwards though.. but the pain was nothing compared to what i was feeling a couple weeks ago.
    Pain receded after a little while, didnt use any iceing or ibuprofen

    the perpetual pump is pretty cool too, also noticed a little bit of lethargy, and i have been dieting for a while so its a little bit more than normal, but nothing a little EC wont cure

  8. Shoulders not sore at all after wrestling today.. this stuff is worth its weight in gold IMO. I start lifting again next week, so well see what happens then

  9. Ok so i got armlocked like 15 times in class today and got my shoulder cranked in a americana, and afterwards my arms didnt feel sore at all.. holy crap.
    my neck is killing me, but my shoulders and elbows feel great!

    thanks cissus!

  10. Lifted today, shoulder felt fine, feel pumped all the time its really cool!

  11. serious, people need to buy this ****, its like the miracle supp.. im so glad i bought 4 bottles of it.. was WELL worth the money.

    My shoulder exhibits no pain anymore, any minor training injuries heal 100% faster (or just dont hurt anymore) Im hoping this helps my ankle (snapped tendon about 8 months ago) it has helped everything else.

    thanks synergy muscle
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    How does the ankle feel? Has it had an effect on it yet? My girlfriend had a nagging tendon problem in ankle and problem has been cured.


  13. Honestly havent noticed much difference in the ankle, It has pretty limited range of motion so that really stops me from doing too much, i should probably work on stretching and strengthening it.

  14. Just got my Cissus today. I'm anxious to start. Thanks for this log...

  15. got mine today, do you take on an mt stomach or with food??
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    I take cissus about 30 minutes before eating or training.

  17. i try for that, if i dont have time i just take it with my pre workout shake, and the second dose at night

  18. thanks, will do

    Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs
    I take cissus about 30 minutes before eating or training.

  19. OW!

    Ok maybe i should have taken more time off, i just finished a takedown class and my elbows of all things are freakin KILLING me!

    Shoulders and biceps feel ok, no more sore than normal muscle pain. but my elbows are in tendonitis like pain, out of nowhere..
    I just took an extra 3 caps of cissus and 2 more caps of fish oil. i Really dont want to take ibuprofen. But if this keeps up i may

    weird, this came out of left feild, it may have somthing to do with the high dose of 7OH im on as well as the lowered fat content in my diet, as well i have increased training frequency and intensity. bah

  20. ok shoulders were aching again after class today.. im assuming the excessive training frequency is causing too much damage for the cissus to do more than mask the pain..
    If i wasent training for a fight i would take time off.

    I decided to up the dose, probably to 10 caps ED, 3 before i work out then 2 after as a pain killer (which it does well) 2x a day

    will keep posted.

    Also wanted to add that my ankle is feeling alot better, im getting less pain when i run it through its range of motion, this is the best it has felt in almost 8 months!
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    What is the complete name of 7OH..did a search to no avail.


  22. 7-OH (7-alpha-hydroxy-dehydroepiandrosterone)

    from the write up
    Lean Xtreme / 7-OH -- The full write-up


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