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    Ok so i snapped up a copy of the innercircle release of YOK3D! and then went on to do my first dosage of it yesturday after a week plus of waiting i couldt wait to try it!

    I dosed my YOK3D 2 hours prior to training with a weight gain shake, with a PSLIN 15minites prior to that.
    Then went onto having Jack3d 15-30min pre-workout. New IC Only Flavour Menthol Berry Ice is nicer than it sounds the menthol side of things is ncie as it opens up your airwaves but its not too strong and the berry flavouring leaves a nice after taste. Although guys why keep putting the leaflet in the tub for Jack3d its a pain to get all the power off it ect.. but thats my only complaint to far

    Went to the Gym for a bicepts and tricepts day andhad a very good workout. With great pumps. I love the 1,3-Dimethylamylamine and thats always been a personal fav stim product abd havent had it in ages and went into the gym and sprinting on the running and was up a level on the bike (workout was off to a good start)

    As the workout progressed i was in mega mode as soon as i was done with one exercise i wanted to go onto the next taking alot less time than usual! Pump was very impressive but had to determine what that was down to being Jack3d, Pslin or Yok3d as i usually get a ncie one from Pslin anyway. But what the hell there all USBlaps Products anyway so somethings gotta be right!

    Anyway best workout for a long time stopped after an hour but easily could of gone on!

    Will update later with Pictures and other info as i continue taking the products.

  2. Yeah, you really can't go wrong w/ this combo.. The feelin I get in the gym is freakin awesome!!!

  3. Updated with images

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