Test imbalance or just normal?

  1. Test imbalance or just normal?

    I am currently taking Prime and Powerfull (aswell as MBCAA) but i have noticed something odd. It's been going on for a while now and could even have been going on from the start of using these supps i'm just not sure.

    But when i goto the toilet after a workout, i have noticed that my testes and penis have significantly shrunk Like i've just taken a dip in a bath of icy water.

    Also my nipples have contracted to about half their normal size. My nipples, in fact, seem very active. i'll wake up one day and they'll look normal then later on they've shrunk. After a workout they're tiny.

    Is this normal? I'm on my 3rd and final month of Prime and Powerfull before i cycle of off them for a bit. I think i'll try Pink Magic after a months break.

  2. I think that is normal I have been the same way after around my second week.

  3. Are you using stimulants of any kind? Fat burners/pre-workouts, etc?
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  4. Not yet, i've just received Yok3d with the pot of Jack3d which i was planning on trying tomorrow.

    Oh otherwise I take Green Mag Creatine.

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