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  1. Pink Magic Question

    My brother got me a bottle of Pink Magic a while back which I want to start using however I am a college student and I do go out and drink alcohol from time to time. I know alcohol can derail goals and effect results drastically but also can effect estrogen levels.
    Although I have read that since Pink Magic increases endogenous testosterone there is little chance of developing gyno however I wanted to know if drinking alcohol on Pink Magic could increase the risk of gyno due to the increases in estrogen levels. I am an athlete and not a bodybuilder but again I do know that alcohol can slow down or prevent growth so I am just curious of the answer to this question. Thanks for your time...

  2. Im not sure of the exact question youre asking here but, this FAQ may help you out with some of your questions.

    USPlabs Pink Magic Q and A

    'Frequently Asked Questions' by Mulletsoldier

    Q: How old do I have to be to use Pink Magic? (Submitted by forum user Berto)

    A: Pink Magic is meant for users 18 years of age and older.

    Q: How do the key ingredients in Pink Magic work, specifically?

    A: Pink Magic’s key ingredients essentially works in four major ways, and three of those are because they have been shown to stop (inhibit) the action of a group of enzymes known as “PDEs” (phosphodiesterases) in certain animal models*.

    First, by inhibiting PDEs, the referenced studies demonstrate key ingredients in Pink Magic may directly cause an increase in blood flow to skeletal muscle by causing something known as “vasodilation.” This means to dilate the blood vessels, and may result in directly increasing the amount of nutrients your muscles receive by delivering more nutrient-rich blood. Obviously, a great thing!

    Second, by this same process, ingredients in Pink Magic may potentiate (increase) the effects of other NO-products – boosting the “pump,” vascularity, and nutrient-delivery you already receive from those products.

    Third, and again by inhibiting two PDEs in particular, ingredients in Pink Magic may directly stop atrophy (loss of muscle) and contribute to a net (overall) gain in lean mass.
    And finally – as if the first three weren’t enough – an ingredient in Pink Magic has been shown to significantly increase testosterone in certain animal models!

    Q: Well, if a key ingredient in Pink Magic may increase testosterone, doesn’t that mean I may suffer hair loss, or other “bad” side effects?

    A: In a short answer, no. “Bad” side effects from synthetic testosterone use come about because the body’s natural testosterone is being outright replaced, not increased. This leads to what we call a “hormonal imbalance,” where all your body’s hormones, not just testosterone, are fluctuating wildly. This may result in things like hair loss, developing breast tissue, and so on. As a key ingredient in Pink Magic is not replacing your body’s testosterone, and has only been shown to increase it in animal studies, your body has an adequate time to adjust and should avoid negative side effects.

    Q: Because a key ingredient in Pink Magic may increase testosterone, will I need a “PCT” and/or an “estrogen blocker”?

    A: Again, in a short answer, no. In the same way as above, both “PCTs” (post cycle therapies) and “estrogen blockers” (compound which stop testosterone from being converted to estrogen) are only required when you put your hormones out of balance. As the ingredients in Pink Magic do not, neither a “PCT” nor an “estrogen blocker” are necessary.

    Q: If a key ingredient in Pink Magic may increase testosterone, can women still use it?

    A: Great question! While testosterone is a necessary hormone for women as well, and it may contribute to functioning libidos, increased mental clarity and mood, as well as endurance and strength, increasing it in women could also lead to a hormonal imbalance – especially considering how effective a key ingredient in Pink Magic has been at increasing testosterone in animal models. So, USPlabs does not recommend that women use Pink Magic.

    Q: One last question about testosterone. Because a key ingredient in Pink Magic may increase it, will I need to “cycle” the product?

    A: Normally, things like synthetic testosterone need to be “cycled” because they replace the body’s natural hormones, and time off is necessary for the body to begin producing its own hormones again. While the ingredients in Pink magic are not replacing the body’s natural testosterone, and are only increasing it, we still recommend using Pink Magic for a maximum of ten to twelve weeks, with a minimum of two to four weeks off.

    Q: Well, if the ingredients in Pink Magic are not replacing natural hormones, why does it need to be cycled at all?

    A: Our bodies do some amazing things, and at the top of that list, is adaptation. Simply put, this time off is necessary to make sure that your body does not acclimate (become used to) Pink Magic’s ingredients, and allows you to receive the maximum benefit from Pink Magic each time you use it.

    Q: Is this why USPlabs recommends 6 days on, 1 day off when dosing Pink Magic?

    A: Yes, that is exactly why. Just as the two to four week off period allows your next use of Pink Magic to be just as effective as the last, taking this day off ensures Pink Magic’s ingredients keep working at maximum capacity throughout the week!

    Q: If ingredients in Pink Magic do all these wonderful things, why do I even need other products like PowerFULL, Prime, or Anabolic Pump?

    A: Because of a concept known as “synergy.” Synergy just means a combination of two or more things that leads to an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual parts – basically saying a combination of 1 and 1 that equals 5! This is usually only possible when two or more ingredients are working toward the same goal,but are doing it through different pathways that are “synergistic,” or magnify each other.

    When it comes to the ingredients in Pink Magic, and the ingredients in other USPlabs products, that is the case: they are working through such unique pathways that combining them has a great potential to lead to results greater than the sum of their individual effects!

    Q: So, does this mean I can stack Pink Magic with other USPlabs products? What about the ASteroid Stack, or JACK3D?

    A: Yes, Pink Magic can be stacked with any other USPlabs product, including the ASteroid Stack and JACK3D. Not only that, but it’s important to remember that Pink Magic’s ingredients may work synergistically with the ingredients in USPlabs other products!

    Q: All the hype about Pink Magic makes me question whether or not it works, where is your evidence?

    A: Simply put, people aren’t getting results because Pink Magic’s ingredients are “hype,” people are “hyping” Pink Magic because the ingredients work. As for evidence, USPlabs provided about 100 bottles of beta product to testers who had no idea what to expect or when to expect it, and the results speak for themselves. Their amazing journey can be found at The Pink Magic Chronicles - And remember, these beta testers had a less potent, unfinished version of the product!

    *Phosphodiesterases decrease a messenger called “cAMP” (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) that is responsible for blood-flow regulation, fat loss (lipolysis) and many other necessary functions. So, turning off PDEs will allow cAMP to do its job!
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

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