Oxyelite pro question

  1. Oxyelite pro question

    Hey, im kind of a newbie to this whole supplement thing, so bare with me. I started taking oxy-elite pro a few days ago. I take two in the morning and one in the afternoon, just as the directions say. I have definitely noticed a change in my appetite, but not really anything as far as an increase in body-temperature. Is it doing its job? Most of the reviews I've seen make it sound like its users are sweating bullets. Any input would be much appreciated.

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    It varies from user to user. Some really feel the thermo effects, others do not. Also, have you been using any other stimulant-based products? and if so, how long? If you've been using those for a while, that could be a reason you don't feel that portion of it as well.

  3. Im getting the same effects as you, I picked up a bottle a few weeks ago and I didnt really notice any increased sweating or anything. On a side note, this stuff make me really nauseous and light headed after I run for some reason.

  4. Nah, I don't use any other substances...like I said I'm a newbie to the whole supplement thing. I don't feel naucious or anything, I just don't feel any warmer than usual. Does this mean its not increasing my core temp at all? Or am I just not feeling it on the outside? Im a cadet in the army and am trying to quickly drop some weight before I pledge into Pershing Rifles next semester,and one of my superiors suggested OEP. So I'm hoping this won't be a bust as I need the extra help.
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    From my understanding, it's still working - you just don't feel the effects same as others. I know for me, that's how it is. But, mine came from using tons of pre-workouts and fat-burners for some time before knowing I was supposed to "cycle off" after X amount of time. Even after taking complete breaks from stims, they never feel the same to me when I go back to them.

    As long as you remember that it's only "extra help" and your nutrition will outweigh everything else you do, you should see some decent results from OEP.

    Good luck.



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