Single Serving Packs?

  1. Single Serving Packs?

    Hey again USP. Here is my dilemma, I do residential HVAC service and install for a living, meaning my hours are from 8AM to whenever the hell I get done lol.

    In fact last week I was at a job till just after midnight, and every day this week has been a 9PM day.

    So on some days, my job is my gym, and also, after getting hard install day after day, I need something to keep me from dragging ass.

    I can't carry tubs with me, so I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have single serving packets of Jack3d and BCAA that I could mix in a bottle of water at the job.

    Right now would be sweet, I've had 3 extremely difficult installs in a row, and now get to go military press a 250lb gas furnace over my head, on a ladder, and a shot of Jack3d would be sweeeet to have.

    Monday I did a duct change out in a tight attic, and having some BCAA up there with me would have made a world of difference.

    I understand costs would be higher due to packaging and such, but whaddaya say?!


  2. For the time being, you may want to consider dumping a serving or two of each into plastic sandwich bags. Simply cut, or tear, a corner off of the bottom of the bag and it will serve as a makeshift funnel to empty the powered contents into a water bottle, etc..

  3. I appreciate the input. We have some ideas that may make it to production...
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  4. Jack3d ON THE GO.....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by borobulker View Post
    I appreciate the input. We have some ideas that may make it to production...
    Awesome! That said one of the things i LOVE about Jack3d is how small the tub is, easy to though in my work bag incase I need a pick me up, or end up working out elsewhere

    Looking forward to see what you guys have coming next!

  6. I haven't had a chance to get on here with an update till now. Borobulker helped me figure it out, and my body and my co-workers are very appreciative haha.

    Thanks a bunch Boro, and all the kick ass guys at USP. The second you guys come out with a protein, fish oil, and multi, USP will be literally the only thing that goes in my body lol.

    Love ya'll



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