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    Below you will find some common questions regarding our newest product, the revolutionary Modern BCAA™!

    If you have any additional questions regarding the product, dosing, stacking, cycling, anything; please feel free to post them here!

    Q: USPlabs Modern BCAA™ contains a ratio of 8:1:1 (leucine, to isoleucine, to valine) instead of the standard 2:1:1 or 4:1:1 mixes. Why is this ratio best?

    A: USPlabs chose to formulate its entry into the BCAA market with a revolutionary 8:1:1 ratio due to one term: mTOR. Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) is a protein kinase that plays a key role in regulating several aspects of cell metabolism.

    When adequate levels of nutrients (glucose, amino acids, lipoproteins, minerals) are available, mTOR is activated and turns on the cell's inner machinery, which includes the ribosomes responsible for the synthesis of proteins that are involved in muscular hypertrophy (growth!).
    Well, I say all that to say this: many studies have shown that leucine, above all other amino acids, is responsible for regulating mTOR, and therefore, skeletal muscle protein metabolism.

    Q: If Leucine is the star, why not just take straight Leucine?

    A: While the majority of available scientific research does indeed present leucine as the king of protein synthesis, so to speak, there are drawbacks to using it alone. As we said above, the presence of the two additional BCAAs (iso-leucine and valine) can reduce intracellular leucine levels – well, by the same token, administration of leucine alone, over time, can reduce levels of valine and iso-leucine as well.

    The key is to create a formula that a) privileges leucine over the other BCAAs in order to constantly maintain adequate levels of protein synthesis and b) one which does not create an imbalance between the amino acids in doing so. - Enter Modern BCAA!

    Q: I have always double- or mega-dosed my amino acids before Modern BCAA™. Do I have to double- and mega-dose Modern BCAA™ as well?

    A: In short, no! The reason for increasing the dose on BCAA products based on the traditional amino acid backbones (2:1:1 and 4:1:1) is to increase the effects BCAAs have on skeletal muscle protein synthesis. Well, as we said above, USPlabs has either doubled or quadrupled the amount of leucine that your current product has – and because leucine is the amino acid primarily responsible for increase skeletal muscle protein synthesis, there is no need to mega-dose!

    As referenced in the first question, if you are mega dosing a 2:1:1 or 4:1:1 ratio, you are also mega dosing isoleucine and Valine which could potentially impact leucine metabolism and block mTOR activation.

    Q: The advertisements and labels on Modern BCAA™ say the product mixes clear and clean, but mine still has floaties and foam. Did I receive a bad batch?

    A: No, absolutely not! Due to the strict standards of quality and purity that USPlabs adheres to in the production of Modern BCAA™, there are no “bad batches.” If you are experiencing “floaties” or “foam,” please take a look at the instructions to make sure you are properly mixing your BCAAs:
    • Did you use 20oz of water for 2 scoops (10oz per scoop)? If not, too little or too much water could affect the solubility of Modern BCAA™.
    • Did you use excessively cold water? If so, try cool but not excessively cold water, as this may also affect the initial solubility of Modern BCAA™.
    • Did you shake for 30 seconds? Again, like the other two conditions, shaking for at least 30 seconds and allowing the product to “rest” for an additional 30 seconds is necessary for optimal solubility.
    • The amino’s precent in Modern BCAA, especially leucine, can act hydroscopically, meaning they don’t mix well in water. It’s remarkable just how well Modern BCAA’s do mix considering the power & high dose of leucine per serving.

    Q: My current BCAA mix stains my teeth, clothes and drink containers, and burns my throat! Is Modern BCAA™ going to do the same?

    A: USPlabs Modern BCAA™ contains no artificial flavors, colors or dyes – making sure that not only do your clothes, teeth and cups stay clean, but also that you’re not drinking toxic substances on a daily basis!

    Artificial dyes have absolutely no role in enhancing a product’s effectiveness besides lending a potentially toxic substance to simply add color. Are you willing to take that risk over a useless color? A competitor of ours once said it enhances the consumer experience…I replied with “Are you selling cereal to 7 year olds?”

    Q: I have seen glutamine as part of other BCAA matrixes, but USPlabs Modern BCAA™ contains Sustamine™, a unique form of glutamine. Why is this form any better than my run-of-the-mill glutamine?

    A: Sustamine™ represents a significant step forward in L-Glutamine supplementation, and is superior to glutamine in several ways. Sustamine™, a dipeptide combining L-Alanine and L-Glutamine (L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine), is more stable and far more water soluble than regular L-glutamine.
    These physicochemical properties alone may provide greater effectiveness as compared to l-glutamine.

    However, the presence of a unique intestinal transporter for the dipeptide may also allow for an increased amount of glutamine to reach the bloodstream and into skeletal muscle as compared to regular free L-glutamine.
    These notions are supported by the higher glutamine concentrations in plasma and skeletal muscle of animal models administered alanyl-glutamine, as compared to those observed with free L-glutamine.

    This is important because up to 65% of regular L-glutamine can be destroyed before it makes its way to your muscles…
    L-glutamine is known for its instability, in the dry state and especially in an aqueous solution.

    The degradation products from L-glutamine can be glutamic acid, ammonia and pyroglutamic acid, the latter two being potentially toxic.

    What's worse is the longer it sits in water, the more degradation takes place!

    So, needless to say, if you are drinking regular L-Glutamine, you are most likely drinking potentially toxic by-products, such as ammonia, as well.

    Q: When and how is it best to use Modern BCAA™?

    A: While Modern BCAA™ can be used at any point of the day, and can even be sipped on non-workout days, using it either intra (during) or post-workout is the best application of the product.

    Using Modern BCAA™ at this time can help prevent the transient (temporary) breakdown of skeletal muscle protein for fuel, inhibition of skeletal muscle protein synthesis, as well as increase muscle protein synthesis. In simpler terms, using it at this time pushes your body into a more anabolic state, and less of a catabolic one!

    Q: To expand on that, is Modern BCAA™ best suited for “cutting” or “bulking”?

    A: Modern BCAA™ has a wide-range of applications, the protein-sparing and protein synthesis-promoting aspects can be effective while cutting (in a calorie deficit) or bulking.

    Q: What is the difference between my whey protein and Modern BCAA™? Is one better than the other?

    A: Let me give you an analogy. When you look at a house, you can consider it in two ways: as both a whole house, but also as a house made up of individual components.

    Well, when we say “whey protein,” it is like the house, and amino acids are like the individual components that form the structure of that house. Like a house, not all the components are as necessary as the others, and which components you consider necessary depends on what you are doing.

    For the specific purpose of strenuous exercise, the materials (amino acids) that comprise common whey protein matrixes may not be adequate for the stimulation of protein synthesis, and the inhibition of protein breakdown. Supplementing with Modern BCAA™, an amino acid matrix specifically formulated to provide you with the amino acids most responsible for protein synthesis, helps to create an environment which is more adequate for protein synthesis.

    Q: Can I use Modern BCAA™ with USPlabs Jack3d™? What about with other USPlabs products?

    A: Yes, Modern BCAA™ can be used with Jack3d™, or any other USPlabs products for that matter!

    Q: Can I combine my creatine product with Modern BCAA™?

    A: Of course! In short, the beneficial effect that creatine monohydrate supplementation has on energy balance (by providing intracellular ATP) works perfectly with the BCAA’s effects on the same processes. In fact, USPlabs Jack3d is a perfect complement to Modern BCAA™, for that reason and others!

    Q: How long can I use Modern BCAA™? Is there any need to “cycle off?”

    A: To give a short and sweet answer – the best kind – no, there is no need to cycle Modern BCAA™. They can be used consecutively for an indefinite period of time.

    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

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  3. im taking prime, powerfull, and anabolic pump, can i add bcaa to my stack. if so what should the dosage be?

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