D-aspartic acid Also stimulates Prolactin!

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    D-aspartic acid Also stimulates Prolactin!

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    D-aspartic acid is gaining momentum as a decent testosterone booster as rightfully indicated by some scientific studies (1-3). Unfortunately, the amino acid is also a known stimulator of prolactin release (3-5). One study in male rats found that while D-aspartic acid increased testosterone and LH by 236% and 146%, respectively, it also increased prolactin levels by 152%. Prolactin is probably best known for its ability to stimulate lactation in women. But, it can also have other effects in humans, including men. Prolactin may be associated with lowered testosterone levels, lowered libido and possibly even increased fat mass (possibly through suppression of lipolysis or increased lipogenesis) and decreased insulin sensitivity (6-10). When considering that D-aspartic acid’s testosterone-enhancing effects might be hampered by its ability to also elevate prolactin, it makes sense to use it with a product that is designed to support healthy prolactin levels. By utilizing USPLabs’, PowerFull product, which contains a precise formulation designed to support healthy prolactin levels, it can allow you to not only enhance the testosterone-boosting effects of the amino acid, but also benefit more from it in general.


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  2. Interesting.... I took DAA with Pink and had phenomenal strength gains. Adding PF would just be the ultimate stack.

  3. interesty!

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