Powerfull for prolactin gyno

  1. Powerfull for prolactin gyno

    I've developed a lump after taking DAA for a few weeks. How should I dose the powerfull to get rid of it?

  2. are you with gyno because d-aspartic acid?
    i'll run TCF-1 on my tbol/tren pct

  3. You want kind of a two sided approach. Powerful will help with the prolactin, but also reducing floating estrogen will help as well because prolactin needs estrogen to work it's nasty little magic.
    But, yes, Powerfull would be your initial step.
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  4. i'm on with tbol lv + tren lv.....for prolactin gyno i'm with vitex, l-dopa and poweefull.....everything ok

  5. PF to keep the prolactin at bay and either Triazole and Erase to keep the estrogen at bay

  6. This why PoweFULL is POWERFULL

    Mucuna Pruriens

    Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum)

  7. I can tell you from experience that Powerfull works extremely well with prolactin induced sides from AAS or PH usage.. Been using it for 5+ years now. Would run 5~ caps a day according to the listed dosage scheme on the back of the bottle.


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