Pink magic- not happy with it

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    I have a question for you, if based on what I read in your signature is your opinion on natural/herbal supplements, why are you on this part of the board? Especially the USP section... an all natural company that does not make anything remotely like a PH/DS? We are all entitled to believe what we want and form our own opinions, I do have to say your signature statement is overly general and in my humble opinion, very off base and incorrect. That said, hate away, I will enjoy my twigs and berries, they seem to work just fine for me.
    I would submit that my stance is probably more nuanced than you think. My general feeling, having 'been around the block' for a while, is that while there are some very good supplements that aren't hormonal, they're generally much more marginal in their utility, and generally have a hard time accomplishing the goal of building more muscle (or increasing strength, should we be a stickler to what is written in my signature).

    USP makes some great supplements for life support - Jack3d will get you into the gym when you aren't feeling it, SuperCissus is the best joint support, in my opinion. Powerfull seems to help people sleep. OEP beats the hell out of a cup of coffee in the morning, and suppresses appetite to boot.

    The problem with herbal T-boosters and HGH boosters is that while they can promote positive feelings of well being, generally they're less effective than:

    1) Steroidal T boosters/steroidal cortisol blockers
    2) PH/DS AAS, run properly, and certainly injectables.
    3) Just changing your ****ing diet and doing it right

    In addition, Pink Magic and to some extent Natadrol were pushed on these boards super hard before release. Before that, it was prime. And now the hype regarding them is nearly gone. Until someone sources bulk fadogia anyway. N2BM is sort of the latest thing now, they absolutely take over every thread/log.

    Point is, the $300 a month stacks people run are very overpriced compared to the gains they'd get off any DS. For those choosing to remain natural (an absolutely respectable choice that I sometimes wish I'd made), perhaps the natural supplements are worth it. In my experiences, they weren't.
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  2. Also, the steroidal version of T911 was way better; bring it back.
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  3. Im with everyone on the ten day deal. Normally If I start a product I finish it to give it a fair rating. Only way I stop is if its making me sick or just not feeling right. Of course, everyone will not have the same effects to a single product but sometimes it takes your body a while to react to it whether its a good or bad reaction. I haven't tried pink magic just yet but it is in my future plans. If I were to run it for a cycle and saw no gains then I would just consider it not good for ME and not just a bad product.


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