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  1. Quote Originally Posted by 10bathroomsO View Post
    are you a cop?
    i have only even shot this thing twice, im farely convinced you can cut someone in half with this thing lol
    im looking to resale it
    but yeah the whole gun is illegal in the state i live in i think
    Not a cop lol..

    Full auto?

    Fockin awesome.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    LOL, everyone counts the bar.. The bar weighs 13lbs?? Standard bars are 45lbs.. How does that bar support any weight?
    I dont have a 45 lb bar, im pretty sure that bar is only 13 pounds unless i could have weighed it better i layed side ways on a large scale it was right above 13 it supports fine though ive had up to 300 pounds sitting on it for like 5 days straight the bar hasnt bent yet, hmmmm it might weigh more than 13 pounds if so my max is higher then i assumed

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    Also, is that your garage? I'd personally lift with my **** off IMO..
    yeah thats my car port
    i have a butterfly bench
    a sqaut rack with dip attachment
    and an olympic bench ( minus olympic bar )

    and about 340 pounds of weight

    the perc of living in a bad neighbor hood with a couple of guns
    get everything super cheap from crack heads but they wont try to steal back from you bc they believe bc your white and you own a gun that you are crazy hahahaha = i got the sqaut rack with the dip attachment from a head for 80 bucks, swear

    and i do work my a** off the only thing is i would rather be at a gym because during the summer miquitos are sooo bad, i have to work out early morn to avoid them...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    Not a cop lol..

    Full auto?

    Fockin awesome.
    fully. haha

    i took it out to my cousins hunting land twice and boy that thing is a work out for your arm lol with little kick it still spits bullets out at such a rate its like its giving your arm seizures haha
    but the 300 mag rifle modified stock and barrel tip of my cousins does the duty son !
    he got a hairpin trigger ( real hairpin ) so when i shot it i didnt know how sensitive it was and the kick almost took my shoulder out totally unexpected

  5. I have never heard of a 13lb bench bar lol.. EZ curl bars weigh more than that.

    Im thinkin your scale is way off.

  6. maybe it has been rained on and all its a scale i keep outside since i was like 18 to weigh my concrete wieghts on bc ive learned they dont really match up to what they say they weigh like the two big black ones that i said was 20 lbs they say they are 30's but i weighed em and they weigh 20,
    from eyeing the bar what would you say it weighs ??

  7. I would say 35-45lbs..

  8. i dunno man, isnt that olympic bar weight ? thats not an olympic bar if it does weigh 35 then holy **** it would be nice to be benching 295 that gives me alot of hope lol

  9. An olympic is 45lbs, I was benchin like 250 on a bar like that when i was younger, and i swear the bar was about to kink on me it bent so much. Luckily i had a spotter we had to flip the bar to the side it was bad lol. Be careful adding more weight to that set! I really wouldn't even reccomend benchin over 200lbs on a non olympic set especially when by yourself.

  10. Lol and theres no way that bars 35-45lb. it looks like the same bar i had and i think it was around 20

  11. Yeah that bar probably weighs between 13-20lbs. I had a Weider bench set as a teenager and the weights it came with all added up came up to about 13lbs less than the total poundage the set claimed to have. But I wasn't pushing no 200 as a 13y/o in my room in the basement so I cant attest to the bars strength. So just be careful and have the local drug lord spot you LOL Those guys always seemed to be big and scary back in high school.LOL

  12. ok today was my last day of prime, illhave an after pic up later, but heres a vid i took today of doing weighted dips with 75 lbs for 5 reps, thats 3 25lb plates and the bars strength is good, i have had 280 on it for reps, my dad messes with it too.

  13. there you have it, Prime at it's finest!!!!!!! good sh!t mang!!!!!!!!!!

  14. after pic in the morning i guess, bc i have to type off of my phone, my sisters pissed at me and wont let me use her computer, thank god i am getting a internet line ran to my room this week

  15. Quote Originally Posted by suresha View Post
    there you have it, Prime at it's finest!!!!!!! good sh!t mang!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks man, its a shame i came to the end of the first bottle so soon, i have the second one but im not sure if i want to run it with my log, because i remember how hungry prime made me and i think that could hurt my cutting this go around

  16. after pic is over in supp reviews / logs board, check my log on hyper trop x and alpha t-2 the before pics of them is my after pics of prime

  17. 14 is there anything wrong with taking prime?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by dabavster35 View Post 14 is there anything wrong with taking prime?
    All USPlabs products are meant for healthy individuals ages 18 and up.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by danieltx13 View Post
    All USPlabs products are meant for healthy individuals ages 18 and up.

    just wait it out kid, at 14 you have no were to go but upwards
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by dabavster35 View Post 14 is there anything wrong with taking prime?
    Im gonna suggest to you what my dad did to me.. He got me a weight gainer cause I was skinny as a rail from all the surfing and bike riding, and gave me a balanced diet with a multi vitamin.
    Thats all you need, in fact I would skip the weight gainer, just knock out as much good food as you can,and if a cheese pizza passes by your radar, thats Ok

    You are growing so leave that environment untouched and just grow mentally and physically.


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