Carbs (Size On) w/ PowerFull

  1. Carbs (Size On) w/ PowerFull

    I read on the FAQ to not take PF if you're taking carbs during workout. How many carbs is too much? I'm still hooked on SizeOn during workout and its 39g carbs. Should I take PF at another time or just stay away until I'm done with SizeOn?

  2. You don't want any carbs at all during your workout if you're taking PowerFULL, as they will blunt the GH release. Wait until you're done with the SizeOn before taking PF preworkout.

  3. I agree with Daniel... Although you may still see the benefits from the increased testosterone levels, you will not see the full effects of the powerful GH release.
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  4. How many hours after you eat carbs should you take the powerful? 3 hours before a workout enough time?

  5. Take PowerFULL at least one hour after a meal, 30 minutes preworkout.

  6. thanks a lot. I am anxious to give this all a try.


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