Anabolic Pump and GI issues?

  1. Anabolic Pump and GI issues?

    Hey guys,

    It seems like every time I use AP I get some serious GI issues and was wondering if anyone has/had the same issues and if so what you have done to lesson the effects. I'd really like to use AP for a recomp but am having trouble using it consistently due to these probs. I was thinking of starting to use a probiotic to lessen the effects. Any thoughts??

  2. Please see below; quoted from Stategicmove...

    Quote Originally Posted by Stategicmove
    The "stomach distress" or "dumps" on starting Anabolic Pump has a useful bowel-cleansing effect, and the more balanced and healthy one's mucosal membrane/intestinal environment is, the less prone one is to these "dumps" or stomach distress. In particular, berberine, a compound in Anabolic Pump, exerts an anti-microbial effect that stimulates peristalsis and intestinal regulation, ultimately leading to the elimination of harmful microorganisms and restoration of bowel integrity. Note, though, that I am not suggesting Anabolic Pump is a replacement for a probiotic (or comparable) therapy. [As a matter of fact, a probiotic cycle prior to Anabolic Pump supplementation would significantly ameliorate the problem in those pre-disposed to it]. Rather, I argue that the propensity to experience increased (beneficial) bowel function while on Anabolic Pump is directly correlated with its microbial effects, quite independent of GLUT-4 translocation and preferential glucose disposal.
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