Final questions

  1. Final questions

    i will start prime,jacked3d, and recreate on monday. I lift monday,wed,friday.... i do cardio and abs tuesday thursday.

    Prime on lifting days 3 in the am,3 at lunch, and 3 before workout
    prime on cardio days, 2 in the am,2 at lunch, 2 either preworkout or dinner
    recreate two caps in the am, and two before workout
    non workout days 2 am and 2 a few hours later

    How is this looking for all my stack?

  2. Sounds good to me. Is your 3 pre workout with jack3d or 3 with pre workout meal. I find it works best with your pre-workout meal about 90 minutes before your workout.

  3. Just make sure to take the Recreate on an empty stomach, and the Prime with food. How long do you plan to run this?

  4. i am going to run one bottle of each and see how i feel, i might run another cycle i am not sure. I will take prime on workout days with a small meal and small shake about and hour to an hour and a half before i workout. I will take the recreate about 45mins before i workout and the jacked3d on the way to the gym

  5. I'd do at least two bottles of prime . I feel it really kick in at the 3rd week ,and my second bottle is where I really see the magic happen.

  6. ya i was thinking about running usplabs other fatburner and prime right after this cycle but i will see how it goes first.

  7. also should i add cla and bcaa pills to this stack?

  8. anyone?


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