A.p Is It Working Or Am I Fattening

  1. A.p Is It Working Or Am I Fattening

    hi im using anabolic pump. ive been using it for about 3 weeks. i can't say ive fully noticed the effects. my veins in my biceps are more prominent i might say. my abdominal regeion hasnt changed. i feel a little chubbyer maybe. but when i grab the skin down there it feels like i can grab more skin but not as much thick fat. just wondering whether this is a good sign or not. i look worse in the mirror basically wat im saying but wen i grab the skin it feels like less dense fat.

    any ideas? perhaps i went bit heavy on the carbs and did gain some fat?

  2. Correlation does not equal causation.

    Just because you gained weight or "you look" worse, doesn't mean that it's AP's fault, there are many more factors that come into play, supplements are just that, they supplement your already working routine if something is off from that, then supplements will have a less noticeable effect.

    Maybe it's loose skin from fat loss?

    Lots of variables and factors, pin pointing it down to AP without proof doesn't sound right.

    I have no idea what is in AP, just an observation.

    Bought some recreate and received yesterday, let's see what it can do in a month!

  3. mate i never blamed AP at all. just after some advice from people who are experienced using the product.
    any other ideas guys

  4. I always thought that when fat is being mobilized to be burned, it gets watery feeling/looking and don't look that great. Perhaps this is the case for you?

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