HUGE Labor Day Wknd Sale - Trutein, ISO, Whey, B.A. & More

  1. HUGE Labor Day Wknd Sale - Trutein, ISO, Whey, B.A. & More

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    Products On Sale:
    • Trutein (5lbs): 40.49
    • Whey Isolate (6lbs): 40.49
    • Whey Blend (6lbs): 32.25
    • Glutamine (1000g): 24.99
    • Beta Alanine (1000g): 24.99
    • BCAAs (bulk 4:1:1 1000g): 26.99
    • Maltodextrin (7lbs): 13.49

    Need To Know:
    • Sale Ends Monday Night Following Labor Day Wknd 2010
    • All Orders Will Ship Out Tuesday
    • S&H Increased by $1.00, but can be reduced by $1.25 via shipping to a business/commercial address
    • Product Prices Will Increase Following Sale


    Shipping - Because proteins are heavy and bulky, it costs us between $10-14 to ship 90% of our packages. We previously only charged $6.95 and absorbed the rest of the cost. We have now increased the price to $7.95 to help with the burden of shipping costs. However, we will reduce your S&H charge by $1.25 if you ship to a business/commercial address (with a complete business name). This is because UPS charges vastly different rates shipping to a home versus a business.

    Our system is not automated so the $1.25 will not be deducted automatically at checkout. Instead, we will verify that it is indeed a business address according to UPS' zoning schedules, and we will then deduct the $1.25 and send you an email confirming this adjustment.

    The flat-rate shipping also only applies to US orders. We will ship international, but at the rate supplied by either UPS, FedEx or USPS.

    Price Increases - Most of our product prices will increase by a little bit following the sale. This will not be a substantial jump, but a marginal increase to account for increased raw material prices in the cocoa and dairy markets.

    Visit our website ( to order

    Additionally, I can be called or emailed using the information supplied in the "Contact" page on our website. Please email as opposed to PM because I can provide a faster response that way.

    We have plenty of product reviews available on many forums online and we urge new customers to check out these threads to substantiate our opinion that we produce some of the finest proteins available on the market today.

  2. Thanks man ,i need protein and bcaas

  3. Awesome. I am looking for a differnt protein source as the protein I have been using, I'm not seeing any results. And after using a protein after a couple months and I'm not seeing any kind of change especially when taking it in a few times a day and being enhanced so to speak, I expect to see something. So I def will be trying this out for a copuple months at least and see if we can change this body from 200lbs to somewhere upwards of that.

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