Greg you rock!

  1. Greg you rock!

    Started using the chocolate whey and maltodextrin today... mixed with milk, smuckers natural pb, and half a frozen banana. Best tasting protein shake I've ever had, your stuff is so smooth and tasty... some chocolates taste obnoxiously chocolately as I'm not a big cocoa fan, but not yours. It's creamy yet filling which I like.

    Can't wait to try the trutein smaples, but you def have a client now, those big ass bag's together and shipping were less than a little tub of isopure at rape my butt gnc prices lol.


  2. Cool man. Glad you're happy with it. Thanks

  3. And I didn't get any gas or have to go to the bathroom, which isopure always did. Excellent products you guys have!

  4. Couple weeks now if using this powder and the dextrin.... nothing but excellent. Best tasting powder hands down by it's self and milk, and adding in the half banana and pb just sets it off. Feel great after drinking it, don't get any gas or runs like I did with others like Natures Best etc, or stomach cramps... and I'm not lactose intolerant either.

    I feel the gains and recovery as well.

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