I'm a fan for life.........

  1. Thumbs up I'm a fan for life.........

    I'm in my 40's and tried every dang protein poweder known to man kind. To date, I have YET to find one that didnt cause gastric distress.

    I even started started THIS THREAD ont he subject about my inability to even use these anymore: Bizarre question about BCAA's and digestion

    On a whim, I tried Trutein. Low and behold. Zero gastric distress. The most bizarre thing is that I'm moderately lactose intolerant. This stuff HAS lactose in it UNLIKE whey isolate.

    No clue what you al are putting in there to assist with gastric issues but this stuff is the real deal

    Job well done. Oh, and the taste? EXCELLENT!! Mix it with Almond Milk and it's just plain SICK!!!!!!!

  2. I agree. I'm also lactose intolerant and was surprised that Trutein didn't cause any gas explosions...he..he I've been trying to find a decent MRP that would agree with me and Trutein seems to be the right one.

  3. Hey thanks for the feedback. About 90% of the proteins are from the Isolate forms, which have only negligible lactose. I believe the inulin and enzymes are synergistic with GI health as well.

    thanks for the thumbs up

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