Props to you, Greg!

  1. Props to you, Greg!

    I recently purchased your Trutein (chocolate PB cup) and Casein (double chocolate) last week. I've now had the opportunity to try both and just wanted to tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with both products.

    The Trutein (chocolate PB cup) was absolutely amazing. Without a doubt the best tasting protein I've sampled to date. It mixes very good as well, and has a very nice profile/ratio of staggered protein release.

    The casein is also fantastic as well. The double chocolate tastes very good and also mixes very well.

    I'm completely sold on your protein, Greg. It's now my new protein of choice in addition to my Primordial Performance MAP (maximum absorbed protein). What a great combination that will make in delivering a balanced protein delivery effect.

    Keep up the good work, Greg. I highly recommend, gentlemen!


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  2. All I got to say is the Choc Banana is hands down the best protein I've ever tasted.....following closely is the Vanilla which is the best Vanilla I've ever had.

  3. I completely agree... I received my Choc Banana Trutein last Friday and have had to hide it from the rest of the family! It tastes amazing!!! Also included in my order were samples of ChocPB, Chocolate, and Vanilla Trutein. I gave the Chocolate to my daughter (she thought it was very good) and tried the others myself:

    Chocolate PB Cup: One of the best tasting proteins I have ever had!!!

    Vanilla: Tastes a McDonalds milkshake!

    I have been using protein powders consistently for over 20-yrs and these are definitely among, if not, the best tasting I have tried.

    I also ordered the Egg protein, as well to mix in yogurt, smoothies etc... It mixes well and pretty much has a neutral taste.

    I will be ordering the ChocPB Trutein soon and hopefully a sample of the Choc dipped Strawberry will be included this time.

  4. I will be ordering the Vanilla and probably the Milk Chocolate. I really like the mix of proteins. Unfortunately I`m not a mixed flavor fan so the other 3 are kinda lost on me(the pb is very good and IO may order some in the future). I`d like to try the Casein on it`s own. But before I order anything I have a lot of protein in the closet to go through first.
    Maybe by that time there will be a few other flavors(not all chocolate based?).

  5. I couldn't agree more. I am stocked with cpbc cs and cb . Couple that with nutrapro and my protein world is good



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