Seeking (live) sales reps (as opposed to forum reps)

  1. Seeking (live) sales reps (as opposed to forum reps)

    Hey guys,
    We've had a great response from our time on AM, and it's really great to interact with current (and potential) customers, to hear their feedback and to understand what they're seeking and what they like/dislike in any number of current supplements out there.

    As many of you know, we have Trutein which is packaged for retail stores. We're also coming out with a few other products in a few weeks too that can be sold in retail. We're trying not to be just another "me too" protein out there when it comes to these retail lines. There are enough of these imitations out there as it is. For example, with Trutein, we're not hiding anything in a proprietary blend at the expense of the consumer. Now with protein, you can't exactly reinvent the wheel, but we're trying to do things just a little bit different to give an overall better product.

    We really need some help pushing our products out to stores. What we're looking for are a few commission-based sales reps to hit up regional gyms/mom & pop supplement stores, and more. Also, to man a display booth at regional NPC bodybuilding competitions to get the word out.

    At first, we weren't 100% sure if a forum was the correct place to advertise for help, but then we realized there's really no better place to find a group of like-minded individuals who may be interested. So if you are interested (please be over 21), shoot me a PM with just a little bit about yourself and we can take it from there.


  2. Very nice opportunity you have here for the AM community, Greg. This is a great way to get more involved in the bodybuilding business aspect/lifestyle. I've been meaning to try your protein, so I'm gonna get on that. If I didn't say it before, welcome to the board, bro.

    Best of luck to all the applicants!


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve


  3. Hi Greg,
    I sent you a PM.

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