1. FREE SAMPLES of Trutein

    The protein market is populated by the "big guys" in the room - you know, Optimum, Gaspari, BSN & Cytosport. As a customer, you may say to yourself, "I'm happy with what I got, so why switch?" Well for one, Trutein doesn't dress its label in proprietary blends. And second, we're applying some innovative techniques to really produce some of the best tasting stuff available (our chief flavor chemist has 20 years industry-experience designing and manufacturing premium flavors and extracts). So we're giving you the chance to sample all five of our Trutein flavors at no-charge.

    At TruNutrition Sciences, we liken ourselves to Apple. When they first came out with the iPod a few years ago, everyone told themselves, "My Discman gets the job done. No need to change." (In fact, one member of our production crew, Tim, hit the gym everyday plugged into his Walkman.) Now Sony and many other companies lost a lot of money because they couldn't - and still cannot - come up with a comparable product to the iPod. Everybody has one today. Even Tim gave up his trusty Walkman for a "neat new iPod." In a similar sense, we feel that Trutein and our current products in R&D will provide fresh air to an industry filled with lots of sizzle but little steak.

    You will receive five samples, one of each flavor (see our Trutein page for a complete list of flavors.)

    Please note that while the samples are free, there is a small S&H charge. We will, however, fully refund this charge against your next order placed through our website.

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  2. I just attempted to sign up. It rejected my card(reason code 66, whatever that is). My card is fine. Please pm me with comments.

  3. Hi reptone, please see my response on the other thread. I have a feeling it was because the shopping cart service provider was doing maintenance last night.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by GregW View Post
    Hi reptone, please see my response on the other thread. I have a feeling it was because the shopping cart service provider was doing maintenance last night.
    Are you going to fix the issue? It still doesn`t work and you didn`t answer my pm.

  5. How much protein per sample?

  6. mase, the samples are 1 serving each (34 g with about 24g protein on average). You get 1 sample of each flavor. Again, the price is fully refunded on any order (regardless of Trutein, creatine, etc) that you place through us later on.

  7. Is the website fixed yet so I can order some samples?

  8. Yes, reptone. Thank you for pointing out the bug in the beginning. We'll definitely test it thoroughly before going live next time.
  9. purebred
    purebred's Avatar

    It'd be much easier to sign-up for samples in a manner similar to how members tend to do with companies like Controlled Labs and the likes. Type in some basic information (primarily name, address, etc.) and you're good to go! Sounds like overcomplication the way it's being gone about but hey, I'm just sharing my opinion.


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