November 16th, 2007

It has been anticipated, debated, and anxiously awaited... True Protein, Troponin Nutrition, and Dante Trudel proudly announce the first part of Project X:

"I am very pleased to announce that Justin Harris and Troponin Nutrition has joined forces with Doug and myself here at Trueprotein. The parent companies Nutrivation (Justin) with Myosci Technologies (Doug and Myself) and all the companies that fall under that umbrella. We are very excited at this partnership because it will bring to the forefront some cutting edge technology that both companies have as assets.

A) A food grade division for all things fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting and health related. Engineered foods that have a specific health reason behind them. Without getting into details included in this will be desserts, breakfast genre meals, and an ingenious dieting aid (designed by Justin) that will be used daily and often that people will love to use place of what they are currently using daily and often....and lose bodyfat doing so. In essence every single meal could become a fat burning meal!

B) Strategy Supplements: Justin will work with Doug and I on specific supplements we have currently in development for MMA fighters and combat enthusiasts. Virtually all fighters have the same skills now, the playing field is getting narrowed. All elite martial artists are getting honed in wrestling, striking, jui jitsu, and the other martial arts. What will be the difference? Strength/conditioning and to achieve that....supplements/nutrition. Thats where we come in.

C) Static Strength: This is a line of supplements being developed by Justin for powerlifters/weightlifters/strongmen. Not only did Justin win the 2006 JR USA superheavyweight class in bodybuilding but he won best lifter at the 2007 APF Michigan powerlifting championships with a total of 2,149 pounds (876 squat, 573 bench, and 700 pound deadlift). His passion for this area is great and will be shown in the potency and design of the supplement line. Doug and I will help him bring this all to fruition.

D) Troponin Supplements: We are all going to work together in developing products that will create their own separate niche in the market. The idea is to create supplements that work so well, the results are so outstanding, that when you hear "Troponin Supplements" your first notion is the thought "thats the company that makes all the new cutting edge products". Already we have a 5-8 compounds that arent even on the market yet that we are researching/studying. Some we might lose to legality reasons. Some we might lose due to the reasons that its untested in trials and needs to go thru much testing first.
For example we have a compound that was engineered at a university many years ago, has been in storage (we have the only existing sample of this compound) which has amazing bodyfat loss properties (fat burning will be possible at all times, regardless of what foods you eat!) in animal studies. It has never been used in humans. Will you see this in production anytime soon? No you wont, not without a myriad of testing, but these are the lengths we are going through to study existing compounds/developing like compounds and bringing products to the health/fitness/bodybuilding etc markets in the future."

This is only the beginning, we have another HUGE announcement still in store before the end of 2007!!!

Also, we have begun using a new shipping method to Canada that is decreasing the cost of shipping once again, proving True Protein continues to provide the absolute cheapest shipping rates to Canada available online! Duties and brokerage fees are still being paid upfront by True Protein as always, and you can look at decreased shipping times as well.

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Thanks for your time this week and have an awesome weekend, we look forward to hearing back from everyone soon!

-Doug, Dante, Justin, Carl, and the entire team here at True Protein