Dutch Chocolate Fudge Shake

  1. Dutch Chocolate Fudge Shake

    20 ounces skim milk
    2 scoops Dutch Chocolate Fudge flavoring (about 1/4 tsp)
    2 tsp. Instant coffee
    1/2 cup ground oats
    2 scoops Gemma Protein
    1 TBS lecithin
    1 TBS EVOO
    2 TBS ground flax
    4-5 icecubes

    Blend well. Tastes GREAT!

  2. What was the consistency of this compared to mixing it with the whey, did this mix better or worse?

  3. I used about 6 ounces more milk than normal, so it came out about the same, maybe just a bit thicker.

  4. cool thanks for the additional info!

  5. dutch is my fav



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