June 8th

Happy Friday everyone, we hope you are geared up and excited for the weekend. Our True Protein Forums continue to build in popularity, and we hope that each of you will take the opportunity to sign up and participate in this new online community! There is no fee to join, only free information and a friendly and knowledgeable user base that will help answer any questions you may have in regards to the website or bodybuilding and nutrition in general. Feel free to stop in and introduce yourself today:

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We would also like tell you about an item we are getting excited about. Beta-Alanine, a supplement that has been receiving a lot of press lately in the fitness magazines and the online forums. Here is what our owner and co-founder Dante Trudel has to say about the product:

"I feel very strongly about this supplement. Everyone has been looking for that next supplement to come along that has the seeable feelable effects that Creatine does. In my opinion this is it, and I feel every serious trainer should have it in his regimen as its going to produce strength/power and result in muscular gains.

The June issue of Muscular Development has a very good article on Beta-Alanine, its effects and its role as a Carnosine precursor. Its on page 204 and bodybuilder Desmond Miller is on the cover squatting. I want people to research it themselves and make their own conclusions (so I don't feel like its Dante co-owner of Trueprotein trying to push a supplement on you).

Just some personal observations: Beta-Alanine can be a little bit uncomfortable right off the bat, it can give you a very minor feeling of being sunburnt (for some reason I feel that in the face).....and I guess a feeling of being a little bit edgy/anxious (although the sunburnt feeling is more noticeable). By day 7-10 I feel most of you will be thinking "Wow I'm grinding through these poundage's like nothing, that I used to struggle with".

The same renowned doctor who brought forward Creatine to the bodybuilding world has been the main pioneer behind Beta-Alanine which should count for a lot in weight. Potent dosages used have been in the area of 3.5 to 6.5 grams a day"

You can find this product on our site here: https://www.trueprotein.com/Product_...****25&p****6778

As an added bonus, we are also going to be awarding FREE BETA-ALANINE in this week's promotion! For any order placed after 3:00PM Friday, June 8th, that exceeds $100 (before shipping), we will include 100g of Beta-Alanine FREE!! This promotion stacks for each additional $100, so any order that exceeds $200 will be awarded 200g, any order over $300 will receive 300g and so on. In order to participate in this promotion, be sure to use the promotional code "BETA" in the promotional code box on the checkout page. This code cannot be combined with any other offer and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount codes. This offer will expire at 11:59PM on Thursday, June 14th.

Thanks again for the continued business and support,

Doug, Dante, Carl, and the True Protein Team

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