5/24 New lower price on Waxy Maize Starch

  1. 5/24 New lower price on Waxy Maize Starch

    we have lowered the price yet again on amylocel (waxy maize starch) it is now 3.75-3.95 per lb.


  2. eh what's amylocel?

  3. i'm dumb.. i take that back.. haha

  4. Quote Originally Posted by propho View Post
    eh what's amylocel?
    just our trademarked name for our waxy maize starch.


  5. What free flavors go best with this?

  6. bsl watermelon ftw

  7. i prefer the Citrus Limeade, BSL Fruit Punch, and Old-Fashioned Lemonade with carbs


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