Waxy Maze or vitargo

  1. Waxy Maze or vitargo

    I know vitargo is derived of waxy maze starch. Is there any beneficial difference that vitargo by professional supplements will offer me over tp's waxy maze starch? They seem to be essentially the same thing.

  2. I'm pretty sure they are the same thing.

  3. There are two retail products currently being offered in supplement stores that are very similar in nature to our Amylocel Waxy Maize Starch, a comparable mix to either of them would be 100% waxy maize or a custom mix of 85% waxy and 15% Creatine monohydrate. The latter would be the only major difference between our standard Waxy.

  4. ok I realise you can't say they are the same because of legal issues so let's work around it. Will your product provide me with the same results I can expect from vitargo by professioanl supplements? I am not talking about the vitargo made by the one that used barley. The professional supplements one says it uses "Swedish Waxy Maize Starch". My question might be redundant and annoying but I assure you I am not trying to be. I am asking because I have been told that the real vitargo is heavier and better absorbed, also that the companeis selling waxy maize in bulk can't afford to use the same quality as vitargo.

  5. No problem 21, as I mentioned in the PM you can expect very similar results using our version of this product, we can assure you that our patented version of the Waxy Maize is of the highest quality, thanks!

  6. The product "Vitargo" by Nutrex has a crapload of Creatine Mono in it as well (check the label, it is something like 8-12g if memory serves) Other than that, the only difference is taste, price, and manufacturer.

  7. Pure vitargo is WM and vitargo-cgl is WM and creatine


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