LBA's vs BCAA's

  1. LBA's vs BCAA's

    Benefit of one verses the other?

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that LBA's are just the BCAA profile specific to beef protein.


  3. The difference between the two is that LBAs get a ton of hype from Phil Hernon followers and Professional Muscle members.

    A large portion say they are a necessary staple and live by them and others say they are overpriced collagen hydrolsate. The Phil Hernon response is to try them yourself and judge.

    The main difference I see is that LBAs contain glycerol. As well as BCAAs taste terrible and LBAs from when I tried were all generally pretty palatable as they are sweetened.

  4. bcaas = branch chain amino acids while lba's are beef collagen. the lba's are supposedly supposed to keep you in positive nitrogen balance and many people who use them will use them between meals or maybe one or two servings with a meal

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