Review - Rice Pro./Beef Pro.

  1. Review - Rice Pro./Beef Pro.


    Rice Protein Concentrate - Chocolate PB Cup
    Beef Protein Isolate - Double Chocolate Mint

    Premium flavors, no additives.

    Took about a week to get here since I live on the East Coast. Chocolate PB Cup had a very odd smell, not a PB smell but definitely not a chocolate smell either. I've never had a rice protein concentrate before so I can't say if that's the cause of the weird smell. Opened up the Double Chocolate Mint and that was even worse, not even a hint of chocolate or mint. It smelled like it was beef flavored or something, IDK, but not good.

    Tried the Chocolate PB Cup in 8 ounces of milk. I used a blender and it mixed well, no clumps. Unfortunately it tasted exactly like it smelled and it was nothing like PB or chocolate. Struggled through about half of it before I just chucked the rest down the drain. Not good. At this point, I came up here and started writing this review, and you have no idea how much I was dreading having to taste the beef protein isolate. I was going to try the beef protein later and update the review then but I decided to get it over w/ and get the full review up. Mixed in 8 ounces of milk w/ a blender. Still had a few tiny clumps (if they could even be called that) but nothing to complain about. I was amazed that it actually had a definite mint flavor to it. There was another taste in there (not chocolate) that was unpleasant and by the end of the shake it was just ehhh. The mint flavor got old and the other taste was pretty bad.

    I don't know if the week in a hot(are they air conditioned?) UPS truck messed the flavors up but they definitely weren't as good as I hoped. Prices are ok, except for the $10 shipping which was more than the cost of the rice protein itself. I hate giving negative reviews for a companies product but these are two products I won't be ordering ever again. I'll probably end up struggling through the rest of the Double Chocolate Mint and I imagine the PB Cup will sit there until the end of time.

  2. some flavors aren't good for some protein powders , like your combination , I would never buy combination like this

  3. i think for the beef, going with very basic flavors woudl be best. i stick with choco and vanilla seeing as i don't really know how beef and peanut butter/choco peanut butter would go together.

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