Beef protein isolate

  1. Beef protein isolate

    Any tricks to get it well blended? I tried 2 scoops in 15oz water and a lot of it clumped in the grid of the shaker. Its the chocolate peanut butter cup flavor if that matters. I'll try the same water/powder ratio next time but use the hand blender instead and see how that goes. Like the flavor anyhow, and I can live with a little lumpy for the amino profile.

  2. We have had some customers that experience zero clumping or difficulties in mixing, and others that will see some of the conglomerations you mentioned, so we have been doing additional tests to see if they are a result of specific flavors or the agglomeration of different batches of the powder. I find the the material mixes the best when I spoon stir it by hand.

  3. Cool, I got more than 1 flavor so we'll see how it goes. worked nicely with the hand blender too so thats fine for me. I'm glad you guys have that, its a great alternative to sticking with whey, or taking in the fats that normally would come with eating 50g protein from beef

  4. yeah can't wait to try bpi myself. anyone try it with one of the Natural flavoring systems? If so any you would recommend?

  5. I tried with premium coconut , I think it will be better with natural premium flavor , natural premium flavors aren't strong as premium

  6. Would this be a good alternative to people with digestive problems from whey?

  7. quite possibly, although it did give me gas about as bad as whey

  8. if I would use beef protein isolate I would buy trueprotein soups , with sweet flavors taste is strange and strong

  9. Easy, what blend did you create? Or is it 100% Beef protein?
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  10. i just got some 100% to try, may do a blend next


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