True Protein Newsletter 5.15.2009: Peanut Butter Flavoring NOW AVAILABLE!!

  1. True Protein Newsletter 5.15.2009: Peanut Butter Flavoring NOW AVAILABLE!!


    True Protein Newsletter

    Good afternoon everyone, hope your week has been going well! We are happy to introduce several *BRAND NEW* items that are now available at True Protein | High Quality Nutrition and Protein Supplements!

    As Low As: $21.84/unit!!

    You guys asked for it and we made it... We jam packed this new product with 8g of L-Leucine per serving with a whole host of other lean mass producing aminos and ingredients. No other product in the market has this amount of Leucine per serving, it's Leuc-sane. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast more and more are understanding the importance of proper L-Leucine supplementation. See what everyone is raving about with Leuc-Sane.

    BCAA 500mg Capsules (200 caps)
    As Low As: $9.40/unit!!

    Creatine Ethyl Ester 750mg Capsules (240 caps)
    As Low As: $13.20/unit!!

    Protease Enzyme Complex 100mg Capsules (120 caps)
    As Low As: $9.49/unit!!

    This amazing new enzyme blend is much more powerful and effective than any of our previous blends, and is way more effective than any other protein digestive aid we carried in the past. Available in capsules, powder and as an additive to protein powders and blends. Please be sure to review the updated information on the material in the product description:****25&p****6894.

    Lastly but certainly not least, we are happy to announce not one but THREE new flavors based of off the highly demanded Peanut Butter flavoring:

    Premium Creamy Peanut Butter
    Premium Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
    Premium Peanut Butter N Jelly

    We have had requests for this flavor system come in for over 3yrs, but until now we did not find a product that we felt confident standing behind. After thorough testing and sampling, we finally have a Peanut Butter line that each of our staff members have unanimously approved of that is easily one of the best set of flavors currently available on the site! Be sure to try this flavor out, it will not disappoint!

    When it rains it pours, and this is only just the beginning of a long list of new products True Protein will be debuting in the next coming weeks. Thanks again for your continued loyalty and have a great weekend!

    -Doug, Dante, Justin, Carl, John, and the entire TP Team


  2. Feel free to use discount code PKM142 at Trueprotein to save 5% on all orders.... Just saying.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Feel free to use discount code PKM142 at Trueprotein to save 5% on all orders.... Just saying.
    OR LRN483

    I just picked up 13 lbs today
    Team Orbit

  4. I ordered 3 pounds of peanutbutter and 3 of pbj in a milk isolate/whey blend. Really looking forward to trying these. I also made a bcaa blend with extra leucine, glycerol, and taurine. I hadn't ordered from trueprotein in awhile, it's nice to have so many flavors to choose from.

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys, wait til you try the new flavors, I NEVER thought the PB+J would work but it actually tastes great, but hands down the Peanut Butter is my new fav, Im just trying hard not to overdo it!!

  6. too bad we need whole foods to really gain muscle 'cause I think I might go on a liquid diet when I get these in -

  7. I ordered 3 lbs of creamy pb and 3 lbs of pbj, and I gotta say the PB is quite good, and would probably be even better with some fat for extra creaminess (i.e. a muscle milk type concoction). Haven't tried the PBJ yet, should be interesting. FWIW, this is mixed with a 45-45-10 split if MPI, whey concentrate, and fiber powder.

    I also ordered 3 lbs. of amino blend, with extra leucine, and a little taurine and ALCAR, and have to say the flavoring should definitely be stronger, although there is probably only so much that can be done with extra leucine and the ALCAR. I ordered premium coconut and premium cherry limeade and both came out tasting pretty weak. I mixed some of the coconut half and half with apple xtend, and that came out great.


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