Something stronger than napalm

  1. Something stronger than napalm

    Any recipes for this? I'm having trouble getting results with napalm even though I have a low enough body fat percentage that I should be getting good results.

    Anyone have any ideas for me? I'm willing to use anything except clen/albuterol/usnic etc.

  2. Try adding capsaicin, and or nicotine to your napalm. I've been using napalm with cap only for the past two weeks, and the results are quite profound. I had only been applying it in the morning, as the yohimbine disrupts my sleep, and I've even forgot completely some days! I've just decided to add the nicotine today, and apply twice daily, (earlier in the night.) for last few weeks to blast that last layer. Also, what does your diet look like? You HAVE to be in a caloric deficit for napalm to work. Carbs also have to be kept relatively low, and of a low glycemic, because insulin blunts the effects of yohimbine. How long, often are you doing cardio? I've found that mixing HIIT, and lower intensity, longer duration cardio, 6 times per week works best at burning fat quickly. 20 grams of BCAAS pre-workout, and 20 PWO works fabulously at staving off muscle catabolism. I've been following this protocol for 9 weeks, and have gone from 15% BF to 9%. I'm hoping to hit 8 by week 12, that is why I've added Napalm/Cap, and so far it's doing it's job. Also, you say that you are "lean enough, " what is you bodyfat% Napalm works best if you are sub 10-12%, and don't have a significant about of fat to lose. Good luck.

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