Test enanthate powder question

  1. Test enanthate powder question

    In need of wisdom..
    From the forum I have learned that Test Base is best for Transdermals due to its chemical weight. However all I can come across is Test E in powder form. I've "googled" till i'm retarded and can't find anything in the forums regarding powder. Can Test E Powder be made to effectively permeate the skin with its weight in cojunction w/ plo gel? Or should I just wait for Test Base with it's lower weight?
    Thanks for any insight!

  2. umm yea if im not mistaken the test has to be esterless because the molecular weight of test with a ester is too big to penetrate the skin

  3. Ok test E is raw is not a powder so if you have test e and it's a white powder be very worried. If your just saying powder as a general reference my bad, just looking out. Anyway the molecular weight is too large to enter the pores of the skin. Not saying some won't get threw but most will not. I would just make it injectable.

  4. Test E can be found in base powder just like Tren E, although the Test E is a little stickier/tackier. I have heard mixed opinions on whether the ester will be cleaved as molecule travels through the dermis but have never seen any scientific proof either way. I will tell you that Tren E and Drost Prop work in a transdermal ;-)
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