4-AD Transdermal

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    4-AD Transdermal

    Hi im new here and i was trying to look up the info i needed but i need an answer here. I have 4-AD and want to make a transdermal but im new at this. I cant figure out if 70% rubbing alcohol will work as a penetrator to mix it in. I was thinking of mixing the ISO with skin cream witch has aloe vera gel and mixing the 4-AD with that. I am wondering if this will work. If not can someone tell me what else i need for any home supplies i can use to make the transdermal.

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    Welcome to the board. For future reference, at the top of the page there is a search button.

    1. Homebrew Transdermal recipe - you can either search it or you can click on the link in my signature. I posted a zip file in that thread, and after you unzip it and open it with Excel you'll find a tab with the Anabolicminds.com Homebrew Transdermal recipe.

    2. In the Homebrews / Topicals/ Supplies Forum there is a Sticky on where supplies can be purchased.


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