Making my first transdermal, need help and opinions.

  1. Making my first transdermal, need help and opinions.

    I'm going to make my own custom transdermal for a summer cycle and I need some help and opinions from you guys who are experienced.

    Here is the layout:

    my own custom transdermal solution will consist the following:

    150g Phlojel Ultra and 65ml of a mixture (ISO, IPM, IPP, oleic acid, propylene glycol, octyl salicylate and dmso) all in correct ratios, making it 215ml, then I'll add 24 g of 4AD to it which will be giving me a ~ 100mg/ml dose.

    The "experimental" thing is that I have 5 bottles of 4AD (yes original), each with 60caps each cap is 250mg so I will be de-capping each capsule and using the powder inside. I know it may contain fillers however chances are that is either very little as I weighed each cap, came back at ~300mg (my scale can only show 0.1g so it first showed 0.2 then settled at 0.3). considering that the capsule itself has a weight of its own plus my 4AD bottle dont list any "other ingredients" .

    I will be making 2 batches of the above formula (240ml lotion) and 2 batches where I mix 13g 4AD in a transdermal matrix product 240ml (penetrate by nutraplanet) (8oz).

    Would the de-capping of the capsules be doable? Any reason why that powder would not work?

    Would mixing 65ml of my custom penetration enhancer mix to the 150g phlojel end up being to liquidy? Any reason they would contradict?

    I am going to shoot for 300mg of test per week so I'm looking to dose ~700mg of 4AD ED and after both the absorption and the conversion rates in consideration I should end up with 300mg per week.

    Could someone with experience in this field comment and share their experience and give me their opinions on this? Thank you in advance.


  2. It's probably not enough liquid to make the phlogel crash. Why are you doing it that way? It sounds like you have everything you need to make a good trans without the phlogel.

    I just weighed an empty gel cap and it didn't even register on my scale, so you've pretty much got 50mg of filler per cap. Use it if you wanna use it.

  3. I would just add 16.5g to the 150g phlojel. Maybe triturate the powder with 10ml of your ISO mix before compounding with Phlojel, if you do then add an extra 10-12g powder if you want to keep around 100mg/ml. I'm never quite sure about the powder's gram:ml impact.
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